Delivering Innovation to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.
Unleashing the power of social, mobile and cloud technology to deliver productivity.
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Design, Develop, Implement and Support your technology landscape.

Technology Consulting

Our consulting solutions are backed by in depth analysis and proven processes to provide honest and practical insights and advice to executive and senior management clients to help them drive change and stay competitive, thereby reducing costs, resources and time to market whilst increasing revenues and profitability.  

Chayse Labs

Our Start Up function is focused on developing products which elegantly solve meaningful problems in Africa’s emerging markets. Deploying our expertise and resources, we follow very disciplined processes to create and develop solutions that scalable, sustainable, valuable in their own right but most importantly, ones that deliver excellent value for users.


Selecting new technology solutions can be daunting and often complicated. Chayse offers independent, unbiased technology selection services to enable you make informed decisions quicker and with confidence. We also provide a flexible methodology, strategic thinking and a proven approach which delivers real and lasting savings to our clients.

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The Salesforce Customer Success Platform can help your business grow into a more streamlined, effective and efficient organisation across sales, service, marketing and more.


As a Premier Consulting Partner in Nigeria, Chayse would be on hand to support you every step of the way. 





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Technology Services

Our team are made up of creative thought leaders and natural problem solvers, who never lose sight of the big picture, but are able to dive into the details of a client's business need and deliver solutions which are fit for purpose and cost effective.

Implementation of solutions, which deliver innovation, agility, flexibility and core efficiency.

Automate your business processes and utilise data efficiently with enterprise tools.


Manage your leads, prospects and clients through the entire customer lifecycle management

ITIL based service model deployed with relevant controls, governance and resources.
Utilise digital technology to drive growth, client adoption and customer advocacy.
Unleash the power of cloud computing to deliver efficient on-demand services and solutions.

Chayse Social

By recognising the need to efficiently cater for an increasingly mobile and social customer base, we incorporate these elements across your entire organisation, connecting with your business and customers in a whole new way to improve engagement, business process and productivity, thereby enhancing your profitability, brand image and customer loyalty.

We will work with you to develop your Social Media Strategy. If this is already defined, we listen, understand your specific needs, propose options, and subsequently deliver an effective solution by leveraging our expertise and existing partnerships with the some of the world’s leading technology providers.


Our years of experience working across industries including Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance, Utilities, and Telecoms have enabled us develop a considerable level of expertise in delivering complex solutions with the ability to understand and resolve business problems in a structured, timely and efficient manner, using both technology and best practice business processes. Our client base consist of Global brands as well as several SME's across Europe and West Africa.

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